Micro Chaos Delay

Micro Chaos Delay is a tiny high quality pitch shifter and delay with the audio treatment working independently on both stereo channels.

In short:
Micro Chaos Delay is tiny, funny and forever free.


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Christmas Sale!

Get 50% off on Art Frequencies manglers effect DekobokoFX https://gum.co/dekobokoFX/ChristmasSale DekobokoProFX https://gum.co/bnNne/ChristmasSale        

Our products are now available from Isotonik

We are very proud to announce our partnership with one of the top leading saler of max for live plugins: Isotonik Studio! Isotonik will be from now one of our main channel of distribution. To celebrate this we release a…

Black Friday !

DOWNLOAD LINKS: DekobokoPRO: https://gum.co/bnNne/BLACkfridayweek DekobokoLITE: https://gum.co/dekobokoFX/BLACkfridayweek DEMO DekobokoPRO DEMO DekobokoLITE

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iOS Development

We are specialized in iOS application development for audio using the amazing OpenSource framework AudioKit written in C++ and Swift3, best of its category for the Apple platforms.

Max/MSP – Max4Live

We develop audio and midi Max/MSP standalone patchs and Max for Live plugins.